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Robin Hood: Mission Failed :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 1 0
I hate drawing gears!! by justfireheart13 I hate drawing gears!! :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 2 0 Down the Corridor by justfireheart13 Down the Corridor :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 2 2 AmePan Mochis by justfireheart13 AmePan Mochis :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 24 18
Robin Hood
Chapter Two
Welcome to Sherwood
The obnoxious beeping of an alarm clock echoes through the messy apartment. An arm stretches out from beneath the pile of frumpeld sheets and blankets toward the beeping clock. The hand hits the table several times before finally finding the snooze button. The arm disappears back under sheets, followed by a contented sigh. 
A couple minutes if silence falls on the apartment before the alarm clock goes off again. The person from beneath the sheets lets out a growl, jumps up, grabs the clock, and chucks it at the wall. The clock shatters as it makes contact with the wall, finally silencing the infernal contraption. The person flops back on her bed, about to drift back to sleep, when her phone starts blaring the SpongeBob FUN song. 
"Every bloody day!" She picks up the phone, "What?!"
"Good morning, Robyn~ a bit grumpy this morning, aren't we?"
"Hmph," Robyn grunts.
"Get down to The Woods. Samuel wants to have a meeting before the ne
:iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 0 2
Robin Hood
Chatper One
The Girl on the Roof
He had been warned. Several times. He ignored them every time. He was going to get his presentation. He didn't care about some "girl on the roof".
The presentation was going perfectly. Just his final point remained. The world was silent, waiting with anticipation. Waiting to here what the one who ignored "the girl on the roof" had to say.
"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! I only have one more thing to say."
"Friar Tuck, Little John has defeated The Sheriff of Nottingham."
"I was threatened by that terrorist, 'the girl on the roof'. Whoever that is threatened to end my career and tarnish my reputation. Well, I appear to be going just fine!" The crowd laughs.
"Does Robin Hood have Prince John is range?"
"Aye, Friar."
"Well, let's see how brave this coward is! Go ahead! I'm wide open!" He opens up his arms wide. The crowd erupts with murmurs o
:iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 5 15
I love you more...
I love you more than Pooh loves his honey,
I love you more that Tigger loves bouncing,
I love you more than Rabbit loves his garden,
I love you more than the Sun loves the sky, 
I love you more than the Moon loves the stars, 
I love you more than the Planets love the solar system,
I love you more than Dora loves adventures,
I love you more than Boots loves his boots,
I love you more than Swiper loves swiping,
I love you more than preppy girls love pink,
I love you more than goths love black,
I love you more than Hipsters love not being "mainstream",
I love you more than gamers love games,
I love you more than band geeks love band,
I love you more than theatre nerds love theatre,
I love you more than Oscar loves his trash can,
I love you more than Elmo loves his goldfish,
I love you more than Cookie Monster loves cookies,
I love you more than anything in the whole world.
:iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 20 13
Mature content
I know this girl :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 1 11
Mature content
That Girl :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 4 8
America Mochi by justfireheart13 America Mochi :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 35 17 America Mochi WIP by justfireheart13 America Mochi WIP :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 0 8
Writer's Block
Fingers hover over the keys of a keyboard, waiting for inspiration to make them fly again. Tired eyes stare the keys and glance up at the screen, watching the cursor blink mockingly back at them. Letting out a sigh, they lean back in their chair and run their hands through their hair. They reach for the drink sitting next to their desk; whetherit be an energy drink, soda, or just water. They take a sip, glaring challengingly at screen.
"Damn cursor. Always mocking me... Just standing there, blinking. It probably like, 'hey, buffering! Check out this loser! Can't even think of anything to write!' I'll show you, cursor!" Leaning forward, they open up another tab. "Google, 'inspirations videos'... Alright, let's see... I'll just add all these to a playlist, hit shuffle... And let the inspiration begin!"
*a few videos later*
"So that's how you make ice cream... Cool!"
*a few more videos later*
"Awwww!!! That kitty's so cute!!!"
*a few MORE videos later*
"Hahaha!! Oh god! He just... He just
:iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 7 12
Mature content
Another Hetalia Meme :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 0 0
I have breathed my last breath. My heart no longer beats in my chest. I am no longer alive... yet, I still live.
My words continue to heard, though I not longer speak. My thoughts still thought, though I no longer think. I  gone, but I am still here. I am only one, yet I am many.
I am a legacy and I will live forever.
:iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 7 6
My Little Sister Drew This! by justfireheart13 My Little Sister Drew This! :iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 0 0
Hetalia Meme
Pick 10 random characters.
1. France
2. America
3. Japan
4. Russia
5. China
6. England
7. Canada
8. Germany
9. Prussia
10. Sealand
You found 1's secret stash of chocolate.
France: Mon ami, is that my chocolate?
Me: Mine now, bitch! *takes chocolate and flees*
2 confesses his love to you.
America: Dude, I think I love you!
Me: I love you too! :glomp:
You win a free holiday with 3
Me: Japan… This is going to be… intersesting.
1 saves your life.
Me: *walking out of house to school* *stopped by France* What?
France: Those pants, with those shoes! Mon ami, I am saving your life! Go change.
Me: Fine…thanks.
10 is living in your house.
Me: Okay, you can sleep here and the bathroom’s over there.  Alright, want to go to the park with me and my sister?
Sealand: Sure!
You find 3's mobile phone (cellphone).
Me: Dude, how do you only have 5 contacts?!?
You're asleep and 8 comes in and wakes you up.
Me: Germany, if you value
:iconjustfireheart13:justfireheart13 1 67


Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviant
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,903 6,951
APH- Captain America and Winter (Canadian) Soldier by Mi-chan4649 APH- Captain America and Winter (Canadian) Soldier :iconmi-chan4649:Mi-chan4649 545 139 Hetalia:  Axis Powers as the Incredibles by 2ne1kpoprockergirl Hetalia: Axis Powers as the Incredibles :icon2ne1kpoprockergirl:2ne1kpoprockergirl 263 84 Eren Jaeger- Attack on Titan by RogueDeceiver13 Eren Jaeger- Attack on Titan :iconroguedeceiver13:RogueDeceiver13 5 3 Bubble-Tastic (Request) by RogueDeceiver13 Bubble-Tastic (Request) :iconroguedeceiver13:RogueDeceiver13 32 10
2p!Canada x Baby!Reader Unlikely Perfect
2p!Canada x Baby!Reader
  No one knows how I got her. I don't know how I ended up with her. Everyone questioned why I kept her but everyone denied that I take her to an orphanage or leave her at a doorstep. It was us against the world. But all I can say was one of those first nights was what made me choose to keep her.
  I woke up in the evening from my nap to a baby's cry when I remembered I now had one to look after. Groaning and wishing it was only a long dream I slugged out of bed and went over to the makeshift crib she was in. I picked up the brat who I was to look after for the next few couple days until I figured out what to do with her.
I tried rocking her, feeding her, even changing her until I realised she was dirty and uncomfortably warm.
  Realising I had to give the thing a bath and went over to the bathroom. I held her in a small bundle in one arm as I turned the knob to my kinda-sorta deep sink. The kid still cried as I was making sure the water wasn't too h
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 1,108 253
Yule Be Sorry by maivalkov Yule Be Sorry :iconmaivalkov:maivalkov 381 87 Amelia at Loss - - - - - (Nyo!America of Hetalia) by Darkness-Serum Amelia at Loss - - - - - (Nyo!America of Hetalia) :icondarkness-serum:Darkness-Serum 8 2
Merry Christmas
Ahh Christmas so soon, I can't believe this year has gone so fast
England (Happy) [V5] 
ANYHOW.. This Iggy has been off her Mac for a while due to working so much so I am sorry my fellow Hetalians for no new pictures however I am working on 3 at the moment, two USUK pictures and an England one. I know right.. I can't draw anything else >.>
SOOOO... Anyway this Journal is just to inform you all of the new pictures that should hopefully be up on my account when I can get off my lazy ass.
England (Shy Strip) [V2] 
Also I don't celebrate Christmas like that so I wouldn't be surprised if I just continued to draw tomorrow, it's 10 now so I can't do anything... 
(British times people... Yes.. I am England and I am BritishEngland (Solve your own problems) [V3] )
Ahh so anyway >.> This is so unprofessional of me.
If anyone wants to give me an idea for new pictures then please send me a note.. ^.^' As l
:iconukdaleuk:UKDaleUK 1 8
Hetalia Vine - gif - America and 2P America by SydneyA Hetalia Vine - gif - America and 2P America :iconsydneya:SydneyA 881 206 Intentional by GydroZMaa Intentional :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 277 39 Hetalia Vine - gif - Japan and America by SydneyA Hetalia Vine - gif - Japan and America :iconsydneya:SydneyA 416 51 APH- Another America by magickitt APH- Another America :iconmagickitt:magickitt 35 24 Winter fun by Kirame90 Winter fun :iconkirame90:Kirame90 259 56 No one cares Canada by MichusDA No one cares Canada :iconmichusda:MichusDA 48 8



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United States
I am so bad at talking about myself. Okay, so I'm really nerdy, geeky, and a total spaz. Online, I can get a bit ... mouthy, but in real life, I'm extremly shy. I get bored extremely easily, so most of what I upload is a result of my boredom.

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Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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Lets hope this one doesnt suck! I wish you all the best and brightest!

Stay Awesome!


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